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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lanterna Updated

I made an update to "Lanterna". First of all, I combined all of the files into one download to hopefully attract more players. Someone (I think EC) mentioned that too many files to download can be a turn off. I also finally figured out how to fix the annoying "PC dying and will not get up until leaving the area" bug. This also makes the ending more robust (just incase your PC dies near the end). I added a couple of other "fail safes" to the ending to make it more reliable. The download is 80+ MB, but is actually much less than it would have been if I left the .TRN files in the mods. Removing the .TRN (the game uses the .trx and the toolset uses the .trn) files reduces the file size almost in half.

If you haven't had a chance to try "Lanterna", now is your chance...back to Kuldahar for me...

1 comment:

E.C.Patterson said...

Ya, I guess that was me. ;)

When you see as well that given a choice between an autoinstaller and a manual install a la Halloween mod, most people will pick the autoinstaller, it really does seem the easier you can make it on players the better.

Of course, there's always the counterpoint of the huge up/download, but in this day and age that's less and less of an issue I would think. I for one won't even think twice now at going for an 80MB download.

Hope Lanterna does well. The IWD remake looks really promising too. You seem to be really enthusiastic about it, and that's great to see.